Start-up Costs!

As a new organization starting up in this historic time of COVID-19 we had concerns about starting a new organization in times of financial hardship but we really believe that when this is all done and over we are going to have kids that want to get involved with sports again and parents that would like to but may not be able to afford to let them play or have the means to do the travel that would be needed in another organization so we decided to move forward!

Our start-up costs are broken down in the column to the R. To run a league with 100 players we would need approx 14k which includes fundraising and registration. Half of that is start-up costs and half is yearly consumables (uniforms, web site, Insurance,  etc). If we raise 7k the cost would be $70 per player. 9k it would be $50 per player. We are going to set a goal of 10k and hopefully that would allow us to get some new dirt for the fields as well. The money we raise on go fund me will be held and purchases made in January when we know we have met our registration goals. If not we will refund donations.

Each Team needs. Total Team Costs: $3760

  • Equipment Bag ($20 x 8?) $160
  • 2 team bats? ($100 per team x 8) $800
  • 2-Dozen baseballs ($80 per team x 8) $640
  • 4-Helmets ($100 per team x 8) $800
  • Catchers Gear w/ mitt ($200 x 6) $1200 
  • Med Kit ($20 x 8) $160
  • Pitching Machine (machine pitch) ($150 x 2) $300- Donated

Each Field needs. Field Costs: $5150

  • Storage bin ($330 x 8) $2640
  • Bases.  ($150 x 3) $450
  • Chalk and liner ($100 x 4) $400 
  • Tape Measure ($20 x 3) $60 
  • Mound (kid pitch?) ($800 x 2) $1600 

Misc Costs. Total Misc: $8300

  • Field Rental (Osprey, Reese, SES, Start-up $2500) **Start-up (Free w/upkeep)
  • Teamsnap & Website ($1200) 
  • Insurance ($6 per kid) $600 
  • Uniforms (Hat, Socks, Jersey) $40 per player= $4000 
  • Based on 100 kids playing in house the cost with uniforms would be $140 per player with no sponsorships for the 1st year. After 1st year if we maintain equipment the cost could be as low as $70 per player. 

Check out our new incentive system for donations!

*1st Any individuals who donate at least a $100 will get our unique "Founders club" hat that will have our logo on the front and "Founders club" embroidered on the back.

*Businesses we have created a tiered plan to help promote your business!

(Founders club hat for 2B, 3B, HR)

• Home Run- $750 (Logo on banner, website and weekly mentions on FB)
• Triple- $500 (Logo on banner, website and monthly mentions on FB)
• Double- $250 (Logo on banner & Website)
• Single- $100 (Logo on banner)

We have applied and been accepted as a 501c3 non profit.