Help Keep Registration Costs Low!

Year #1 was a major success! We had 120 kids participating on 13 teams and a lifetime of memories! We were able to keep the costs low at $50-$75 for our local leagues ($40 more for our older traveling teams). We raised over 16k (including 3k when our lock box was stolen) to cover start-up costs. This year we have an even better idea of costs per player. We also realized there was some other things that would come in handy in year #2. You can see a price break down on our website. If we can raise $7300 we will be able to keep costs exactly where they were in year #1. For every 1k we are short we will need to add $8 per registration to our costs.

Year #1 Promo Video

Must Have: $ Budgeted
Mustang Baseballs: 3 dozen 115.83
Bronco/Pony Baseballs: 10 dozen 400
Uniforms x 119 4361.67
Chalk $150
Insurance $6 x 120 720
Teamsnap 805
Field Cost for City of Sultan $3,000
Field Cost for SES (weekdays) $500
Scorebooks $108
Growth (1 machine & 2 Tball) $1,000
Scholarship $500
Replacement Gear $200
Total Must Have: $11,861
roll-over of $1500 $10,361
Wish List
Mound for Osprey $3,000
Drag for Reese $320
Liability Insurance $625
Dirt for Start-up $1,000
Total Wish List: $4,945
Total must have + wish list $16,806
roll-over of $1500 $15,306
Cost based on 120 participants $128
Registration Fee income if we use $50 & $75= $7750
Roll-Over for from 2021 $1,900
use $1500 towads 2022?
Need to raise $7287 to keep fees same

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*Businesses we have created a tiered plan to help promote your business!

(Founders club hat for 2B, 3B, HR)

• Home Run- $750 (Logo on banner, website and weekly mentions on FB)
• Triple- $500 (Logo on banner, website and monthly mentions on FB)
• Double- $250 (Logo on banner & Website)
• Single- $100 (Logo on banner)

We have applied and been accepted as a 501c3 non profit.