At SYB we want to give our community a chance to play baseball locally for an affordable price. The ultimate goal is to build a solid baseball program with players who graduate our program into the SHS baseball program. In recent years it has been a challenge to field enough players at SHS to have a team. The local little league out of Monroe is costly and travel is difficult for many of our families. In 2020, there were about 40 kids K-8 playing baseball and most have no options in 7th-8th grade. We hope to increase this to 100 by our 1st year and ultimate goal is to catch basketball with 200 players. The youngest levels of SYB will be played "in house" with all practices and games being played in Sultan. The levels will be split by ability level and not age. At the older ages (4th-8th) we will likely be playing pony baseball and traveling to places like Maltby.