Levels of Play:

We are planning on using the Sultan Youth Basketball model (10 years of success) to host as much of our league in house (Local) as possible. Locally teams will be coed and divided by talent and not necessarily age. As they progress to the older ages we will branch out into more travel playing local pony leagues and splitting the girls into fastpitch softball if possible. In late February/early March we will hold 2 evaluations to split kids into the level we fill they will be the most successful for their own development and the development of the league as a whole. They will then be placed on teams and schedules will be given out. At the travel level (far R) we would be using Pony rules and team classifications so it would then go based on age.

Local Levels (broken up by skill. Grade level approx. 

T-Ball (Pre-K through K) 

  • 4 Teams (min) 
  • Roster max of 8 (6-8 on field) 
  • Fields (SES & Startup, GBE?) 

Machine Pitch (1st-2nd) 

  • 4 Teams (min) 
  • Roster Max of 8 (6-8 on Field) 
  • Pitching Machines 
  • Fields (Reese Park, Osprey, SES? SHS softball?) 

Kid Pitch- Farm (3rd-4th) 

  • 4 Teams (min)- Roster of 12 
  • This is the age I would split girls into Softball if possible. 
  • Portable mounds needed (possibly pitch with no mound) 
  • Coach pitch after a walk 
  • Field (Reese, Osprey, SHS) 

Mustang/Bronco/Pony (Travel) 9-14 Year Old 

  • We plan to have 1 team play “Mustang/Pony.” it would be tryout based. The rest would play in our local kid pitch league. If we don’t have enough kids to do in house these kids would play “Mustang” 
  • Need to look into local options for softball- Coordinator? 
  • Mustang (9-10 years old) Full on baseball rules on a LL field. 
  • Bronco (11-12 years old) Full on baseball rules on an intermediate field. 
  • Pony (13-14 years old) 54-80 field.