As of 1/28 we have 141 registrations (finished with 150 last year). Keep on your calendar the dates 2/18 and 2/26 for our evaluations @ Osprey Park. We may adjust the times a bit on the flyer to add an extra session to try and have a smaller group of t-ballers. Specific times will be sent out on 2/8. We are currently only accpeting registrations for those 9 years and younger. Any 10+ will be put on a waiting list. Below is the #'s we have if we look at ages although evaluations will changes those as we get to see the skill levels of our players.
T-Ball (3-5) 30 4-Teams
Machine (6-7) 26 4-Teams
Farm (8-9) 34 3-teams
Mustang (9-10) 11 1-team
Bronco (11-12) 26 2- teams
Pony (13-14) 12 1- team


The cost for registration is $105. Mustang (9-10) and above will have an umpire fee of $50-$75 added in March as schedules are set. Evaluations will happen at the end of February. More info to come!

*We will keep our fundraising/sponsorship efforts going in an effort to lower future registration costs.