Registration update: 134 (finished with 119 last year).
We will use the February evaluations to group players by ability but if you look at only age this is where we stand as of 1/16.
T-Ball- 47 (6-8 teams)
Machine- 40 (6-7 teams)
Mustang- 13 (1 team)
Bronco- 13 (1 team)
Pony- 21 (2-teams)
Registration is frozen for 9-12 year olds. We will start a waiting list for future teams. If you want suggestions for other local options please let us know. We have room for three 13/14 year olds. We will keep accepting registrations for up to 8 years old up until evaluations.
We are in the process of gauging interest for last years coaches and then determining what we need in the way of new coaches and hope to complete this in the next couple of weeks.
If you haven't paid for registrations or started a payment plan please do so. With several new teams being added this year we will need to start purchasing new equipment.