Our soft-deadline for baseball registration has passed and here is an update on where we are as of 1/1/21. Registration will still be open during the month of January. By Jan. 15th, we will make the determination of what local divisions we can offer (in-house) and which divisions we will need to travel for (likely maltby). Teams that participate with Maltby Pony will have an additional registration cost to help cover costs of umpires. We have not had enough registrations to offer softball this year. Up until 3rd grade the girls will mix with the boys and play baseball. Above that we may have the ability to let the girls play baseball with the boys but it would have to be at their age level. We encourage the girls to sign-up for SVLL softball out of Monroe. On Jan. 15th, we will start offering refunds to those that we can't offer a team for. Here is what our current teams/divisions look like. Please help spread the word to fill these spots. Our local divisions (tball/machine pitch) will be ability based and not necessarily by age. The older divisions where we merge with Maltby Pony have to be age based. If your child has decided against playing please let me know ASAP and we will offer you a full refund.
*T-Ball (30 kids)- currently 4 teams of 7-8. No limit on # of teams.
*Machine (22 kids)- currently 3 teams of 7-8. No limit on # of teams.
*Mustang 9/10- 8 kids (need 3-4 more to have a team). When we reach 12 we will have a wait list to see if we can add a 2nd team. Matt Koehler & Jesse Hackmann will be coaching a team.
*Bronco 11/12- 12 boys + 2 girls (need 8-10 more to have a 2nd team). Joe Ellis will be coaching a team.
*Pony 13/14- 6 boys + 3 girls (Need 4-5 more to have a team. When we reach 12 we will have a wait list to see if we can add a 2nd team. We will need a coach at this age level.